The Toxic Spitter is a zombie type found randomly in the game (usually in Medium-and-up level zones). They have two attacks, a special attack - a toxic spray that comes out in a cone and damages everything within that cone - and then a normal attack.They will attack using their acid spit two times in a row, then it will attack normally. Note: can spit attack later on if not killed.

With update 1.4.6 the Toxic Spitters spit now contributes to a players stink level. If the player is hit with the toxic spit a few times, the player will have a yellow warning for uncleanliness. If the player keeps getting hit, the player could get a red warning for uncleaniess. With a red uncleaniness, it is impossible to sneak from enemies and enemies will become aggressive from further away.

Toxic spits are easily avoidable by moving next to the attacker before it casts it's spit animation.

Found in level 2 & 3 zones. 2 of them will spawn in humanitarian aid drop zones.

A stronger version of the Spitter with 100 health is found in Bunker Alfa and they do only use melee attacks. However, it is possible for this to change in the near future.


  • HP : 80
  • Movement : Fast (Cannot outrun)
  • Attack speed: Normal
  • Special Attack : Spits Acid affects a cone area in front of the Zombie
    Screenshot 20170531-152721


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