The Big One is an almost invincible and huge zombie. It has been seen in Level 3 Locations i.e Pine Woods,Limestone Cliffs,Oak Grove,Frosty Backwoods and Infected Forest. With update 1.6 update added him as a multiple spawned zombie in the Infected Forest ( 3 or more can attack at once) The Big One can also be seen locked in a room in the underground portion of Bunker Alfa.

It drops a "CAC card Z" and sometimes also red combat tickets when killed and gives 1000 xp.

This zombie can be killed. You could take 2 full SWAT gear sets and the rest First Aid Kits and Shotguns or Modified Glocks , VSS Vintorez , Minigun.

Another idea is to buy packs in the store and then grab guns out of your inbox as you need them. (First Aid Kits and SWAT armour in your inventory) Tested in Beta 1.5.6, however huge amount of guns are required, 7 VSS Vintorez are needed to take him down.

His Strong points

  • Horrifying Damage - 50 DMG at Maximum per hit.
  • Even more Horrifying Health -1000 HP
  • Despite his size, can outrun a wolf.
  • Has 128 armor

His Weak points

  • Shakes the ground when charging to you, Warning you and giving you chance to escape.

#Players have said that it has a special skill that removes all incoming damage by 95,715%
He is currently not supposed to be killed, but it CAN be. Advice is to run immediately unless attacking on purpose.

When in doubt: RUN FOR YE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

After defeating The Big One, PIIIISSSSS OOONNNN HHHHIIIIMMMMM! !!!!!!!!! :O

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