Seems like the dog wants you to follow it somewhere

"You are about to discover a new location called Silent Abode and find a way to it with the help of a four legged friend. Yes, a dog has been added to the game :) It will lead you to a worldly-wise old man who is desperate for help. Turn on flashlights and make fires in order to banish a terrifying monster who follows you from the dark. And you’d better do it as fast as possible because light is the only thing which frightens the monster. Don’t forget to visit a retired survivor for a friendly talk - he always has some work to earn good money for. So if you haven’t managed to get a full ceremonial set during Mulan quests, don’t worry, you still have a chance to do it."

From DevBlog 02/11: Update 1.7.5.

Lonely Elder's tasks

Lonely Elder:

- Come closer, kid

- You came though. The holiday is already here and there's still nothing ready. Can you help me if you aren't very busy?

  • We used to hang lanterns during the holidays. You'll lighten up my soul if you do it.

bring 6 lanterns and hang them on posts

  • My eyes are playing tricks on me or is it a beast I can see in the mist? Make fires to dispel the delusion.

bring 15 logs and makes 5 fires

  • Bring some tasty meal for the holiday dinner, we have to get well prepared for the New Year's arrival!

bring 6 steamed fish meals to the table

6 Lantern Post: Bring a lantern to hang it on the post (Hang 6 Paper Lantern)

5 Extinguished Fire: You need fuel to build a fire (Build 15 Pine Logs)

1 Dining Table: A fish dish perfect for the holiday table (Put 6 Steamed Fish)

After complete tasks, talk with Lonely Elder:

- Your soul has no borders. I want to show you my gratitude, please take it in the chest. I won't need it anyway.

Your rewards is waiting for you in the chest