Smoothbore firearm with killing power.
—Crafting description

The Shotgun is a firearm weapon that has the highest damage of any weapon in the game, but a slow firing rate. It can be obtained from the Trader through Weapon Crate, from the coupon boxes on level 1 of Bunker Alfa, or bought with Zombie Warfare or Walking Dead Hunter's Pack, Rare weapon. Also, the Smugglers Camp and Wrecked Ship can hold them in containers.

It can also be rarely found as a loot in red zones.


The Shotgun does massive damage at the cost of a slow firing rate. It can two shot most enemies and kill AI players effectively without greatly degrading their armor. It can be used on Frenzied Giants, where the massive damage is not wasted on the high HP of the Giant.

 Unlock Requirements:

Level Requirement Research Points Required



  • Old description: A smoothbore firearm usually used by police units for assault.

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