The Puppy is the first companion animal in the game, added with update 1.7.12. Puppies cannot die, but they can be released.



The first Puppy is automatic at the first green resource zone visited.

Thereafter, puppies can be found at your Home Base, Red Resource Zones, Humanitarian Aid Drop areas, Floppy Disk Coordinate locations, Dealer locations, and purchased in the in-app store.


Puppy in a Box "In order to take the puppy out, place and build a dog crate"

When picked up, the Puppy is placed in your inventory in a box. ("Puppy in a Box," "Elite Puppy in a Box," and "White Puppy in a Box" can be purchased in the in-app store.)

When you return to your home base, in your inventory, tap the "Puppy in a Box" then the "USE" button at the bottom left. It will roll for gender, color/markings, and name (which you can change), and the puppy will appear in your Dog Crate.

New Puppy


When you open the box at your base, the New Puppy is revealed. There are 6 color/marking possibilities, three common (brown, black sides, black back) and three rare (tiger, black, white).

(Note: White is the rarest color.)

Here you can also see the gender and choose the name you prefer for the Puppy.

(Note: Females wear red collars; males wear blue collars.)


Puppies eat the same food at the same rate as adult Dogs, including:

  • Raw Meat from deer, wolves, foxes, etc., @ 2.4 hrs each, per Puppy or Dog
  • Raw Turkey from Wild Turkey, @ 12 hrs each, per Puppy or Dog
  • Dry Food, currently only available in the in-app store, also provides a breeding buff
  • Dog Treats, also currently only available in the in-app store, refill a True Friend's energy  

Puppies take 24 hours to grow into adult Dogs, unless you skip the timer with coins. When food in the Dog Crate's bowl runs out, you see this message in the Kennel Management menu: "No food: dogs are inactive, puppies aren't growing."