Packs are bundles of items which can be exchanged for real cash. They can include Weapons, Armor, Items, Food and Coins. When you purchase a pack it is delivered to you in your Inbox.



The following packs are available for purchase in Beta v.1.9.4:

Coin Packs


  • Anniversary Pack
  • Anti-heavyweight Pack
  • Armageddon
  • Assault Pack
  • Big Fall Pack
  • Big Summer Pack
  • "Body Repairs"
  • Box of Spares
  • Builder's Pack
  • Building Mopping-up Pack
  • Bunker Pack
  • Bunker Gruard Pack
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Pack
  • Deactivation Pack
  • Demolisher's Pack
  • "Engineer"
  • Expert Pack
  • Farmer's pack
  • Giant Elimination Pack
  • Guest Pack
  • Halloween Box
  • Holliday Costume
  • "Humanitarian aid"
  • Life Support Pack
  • Military Pack
  • "Modified Weapon"
  • Motorcyclist's Repair Kit
  • New Year Battle
  • Pack for Body Repairs
  • Pack of military equipment
  • Pack of Special Units
  • Package No.1392010
  • Package No.7731
  • Quick Mop-up Pack
  • Raider's Starter Pack
  • "Rare Weapon"
  • "Raw Resources"
  • Resource Pack
  • Santa's Choice
  • To Bunker For Gifts!
  • Walking Dead Hunter's Pack
  • Week Pack
  • Zombie Warfare Pack

Trivia and tips

  • Be careful! If die then you can lost all items in the inbox! Make sure no one will killing you then open. If die then you lost all! All your money!