AI Player base

NPC Survivor Bases are scattered around the Global Map and have the same in-game icon as the player's base, the only difference being that AI Bases have red roofs. Although these bases appear to be constructed by humans, they were in fact manually created by the game designers and are stand-ins for the eventual implementation of multiplayer to the game. They are estimated to be rough approximations of this future experience.

Despite appearing to be inhabited, no AI Survivors will spawn at these locations, making them generally safe (though the occasional Roaming Zombie or Grey Wolf may spawn in). The only danger to be aware of is the strategically placed Spike Traps, which can kill a careless player.

Raiding NPC/AI Bases

AI Bases contain many useful mid-game items, such as consumables, gear, and raw materials, which can be extremely helpful to new players. The exterior walls of the base must be destroyed to gain access to these resources, using Hatchets for the lower-level wooden walls, Iron Hatchets for the higher-level wooden walls (plank), and C-4 Explosive for the Level 3 stone walls.

The items in player bases (and damage done to structures) do not have a scheduled reset; however, occasionally, some game updates will cause bases to reset.



  • Camouflage Master
  • Careful
  • Robber
  • Quiet Gunner
  • Dog Lover
  • Trader


  • AI Bases have been accessible since version 1.5.3, when it was made possible to enter them by breaking down the lowest-level wooden walls with hatchets.
  • As of the 1.6 update, the level-two wooden walls can be breached using an Iron Hatchet, giving access to more valuable items hidden behind them.
  • C-4 Explosive was added for raiding; though it remains currently uncraftable, it can also be used at AI bases to break down level-3 (stone) walls.