Last Day on Earth: Survival is an upcoming survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.10.2 and is available on Android and iOS. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Feel free to use our Discussions to discuss gameplay.
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The Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki is a collaborative resource about Last Day on Earth: Survival that anyone can edit. Our wiki was created in May 29, 2017. We are currently editing over 586 articles, 28,529 edits, 2,142 files, and you can help! All editors are welcome. Come join our community!




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Motel Weeper Destroyed convoy Cut Finger Survival Guide List of tasks Carlos Stash Blackport PD Winchester Cell Key Tank Top Sergeant Card Lieutenant Card Captain Card Inspector Card Brawler Explosive Zombie Hungry Chomper Jailbird Riot Zombie Zombie Officer Crooked Creek Farm Ravager Savage Giant Rotten Yokel Infected Bull Scythe Radio Tower Weapon Modifications Gunsmith Bench

Update 1.10.2: Clan Base

In our previous life, we used to spend a lot of time in a fuss and pleasant coolness of the subway. It’s time to dust of the fluff of these memories and bring them out. A new location was spotted under Sector 7 where you can hang out with your clan and prepare to global domination. The name to it is “Bunker. Sector 7”. Every player can get there if they have opened the wall of Sector 7 and joined a clan. The whole world above is all that’s left for loners, while this place is for those who are ready to get together. For survival or something else? We’ll see.

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We're going deeper underground! Update 1.10.2 is out: - One more location was spotted under Sector 7; - There is no place for loners: only clan members can get to the party; - It's time to finally get your Chopper NOW; More info:

Update 1.10: Halloween and Día de los Muertos

Spooky hello, survivors (and others too)! Though our latest updates were not so big, there is a reason, to be specific, even two. Most of you know this year there gonna be not only one event dedicated to the All saints day - we’ve prepared two! Let’s get through the main details.

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What a time to be dead! Update v. 1.10 is around the corner. Let's split up and check what's that noise coming from the woods: - Not one, but two Halloween events! 24/10 - 02/11 🎃 26/10 - 07/11 💀 - Some shady things take place in the west 🤔 (from

Ritual Book Ritual Checklist Pumpkin field Catrina's Cemetery Ritual Bench Simple Gravestone Rich Gravestone Splendid Gravestone Block of Marble Candle Marigold Sugar skulls‎ Treat Luchador Mask Mysterious Hat Pumpkin Helmet Sombrero Dangerous Raul Fred Hell Turkey High Witch Joe the Bumpkin Pumpkinhead Slasher Specimen Z Zombie Calavera Zombie Brains Zombie Eye Zombie Tooth

Halloween is coming 🎃


"Have no idea why everybody's dressed as a zombie this Halloween.." (from,

Update 1.9.9

A new week is a new journey. This one we’re starting with a new update!

The doors of a roadside motel are now open for all stray survivors! The entertainment includes: a new location, some nice loot, new and not that difficult game mechanics. A friendly tip for you - stock up on hatchets and keep in mind that if a hungry zombie smells survivor flesh, even walls won't stop him.

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Update 1.9.8

As one famous quote goes: “What are we going to do tonight Brain? “ - “Same thing we do every night Pinky… Try to survive the Last Day on Earth!”

Ok, we’ve changed it a bit but you got what we mean - the update 1.9.8. is now available!

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Update 1.9.7

We celebrate your positive feedback on new events and locations and don’t forget to keep working on other tasks. This update will touch equally important aspects of the game: clans, quests, Chopper and perks.

The update is not too big, so let’s cut to the case right away - we added features of creating clans, joining them, admitting and rejecting new members. Time to unite with your fellows!

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DevBlog 08/31: Update 1.9.6

More events to the god of events! Every day, survivors get even stronger and braver. Just as Lewis and Clark, they explore new zones searching for the remains of the lost civilization and vital resources. They say raiders found an abandoned police station and are planning to take all weapons out. Ready to get into a new adventure?

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Update 1.9.4

Hi! We come up with the v. 1.9.4:

- New time-limited event Destroyed convoy. Something shady happened for sure;

- Mods increasing automatic weapon stability are your bros now. Less misses!

- Skills upgrade sped up in most locations;

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DevBlog 08/01: Update 1.9.3

Hey! What do you think about the idea of going over to Granny’s farm? Pies, fresh milk, summer sunshine, a little river… Maybe in another life. No granny has set her foot here for years. The last dweller of the farm is a grumpy old man that needs to be taught good manners.

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DevBlog 23/07: Update 1.9.1

Hello survivors! Great news for warm lamp light fans. It’s time to break silence and give way to real live communication.Now your trips to locations will become much more interesting. You’ll be able to share great news of getting the desired gun or resource with anyone - you’ll just have to friend.

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DevBlog 07/06: Update 1.9

This update marks major rethinking of the weapon system customization. Anyone can hold a rusty Glock to keep enemies at bay, while crafting unique weapons is the top level of surviving.

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With the game in such early development stages, this wiki will help you keep up with the changes and additions that come with each patch. You'll find tips and guides for pros and beginners alike, stats for all your weapons/armor/enemies, and anything else you might need to make it through this particular Apocalypse. Since the game is still in early BETA, you can use a number of resources to stay current on patches, updates, and news. Check out the official Facebook Last Day on Earth and Twitter LastDaySurvival pages, or head on over to the subreddits Reddit LDESurvival and/or Reddit LastDayonEarthGame for access to more LDE:S goodness. You'll also find links to other Discord, Facebook, and Forum communities.

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