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Last Day on Earth: Survival is an upcoming survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.11.4 and is available on Android and iOS. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Feel free to use our Discussions to discuss gameplay.
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The Last Day on Earth: Survival Wiki is a collaborative resource about Last Day on Earth: Survival that anyone can edit. Our wiki was created in May 29, 2017. We are currently editing over 642 articles, 31,256 edits, 2,333 files, and you can help! All editors are welcome. Come join our community!




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Christmas News
Snow Field Claus Dynamiter Infected Junkyard Kramp Greg's Barn Greg Not-Greg Bell Champagne Christmas Tree Cupcake Fairy Lights Guzzler Henchman Holly Infected Deer Ralph's Hat Red Hat Red Jacket Red Pants Snowy Race Track Ugly Christmas Sweater Wooden Figure Yule Log
Game News
Infected wasteland Old Revolver Hazmat Helmet Hazmat Jacket Hazmat Pants Hazmat Shoes Hunters' Camp Mini Uzi Abandoned house Note from raiders Gas Station Garage Mechanic's Box Repair Kit Blueprint "Custom Bike" Blueprint "Military Motorcycle" Blueprint "Police Bike" Motel Weeper Destroyed convoy Cut Finger Survival Guide List of tasks Carlos Stash Blackport PD Winchester Cell Key Tank Top Sergeant Card Lieutenant Card Captain Card Inspector Card Brawler Explosive Zombie Hungry Chomper Jailbird Riot Zombie Zombie Officer Crooked Creek Farm Ravager Savage Giant Rotten Yokel Infected Bull Scythe Radio Tower Weapon Modifications Gunsmith Bench
Latest News

Update 1.11.4

Let’s start the week with a small update!

It’s time to spot the most skillful survivor of our post-apocalyptic wasteland. Slow enemies down, deal critical blows and more damage - weapon mods with active skills are added to the game. The mods are added to Glock, AK-47, SCAR, VSS Vintorez, Shotgun, M16, Bow, Baseball Bat, and Machete. Mods can be found at the farm and police station locations.

Update 1.11.3

Holiday madness won’t let you go that easy – not a chance. New bosses are flocking to the global map, seeking for their first victims. Are you ready for a fight?

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Grab your weapons and set off to the global map – new bosses are craving for the blood of first victims.

Update 1.11.2

Attention! The perimeter of Sector 7 has been breached by ashy zombies. Martial law was introduced, voluntary mobilization was declared. Time to team up against the common enemy!

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- Sector 7 is at war; - Man versus radiation; - Zombie versus revolver;

Update 1.11.1: Hunter’s Camp

There are alarming reports from the hunters’ camp. Sounds like urgent help is needed. Hurry up!

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Who needs a hero? Look in the mirror, there go your hero! Update 1.11.1 is here: - Rescue mission; - Gangsta paradise with the new gun; - More gifts! - Mind-blowing skins for bikes🔥 - Break the wall;

Update 1.11: Christmas Event

Ho ho ho – the season of Christmas festivities is officially open! All is good and proper: presents, a Christmas tree, Santa zombie. The fun begins!

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Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho! We start Christmas celebration with update 1.11: - Be fast to be first; - Be bold to open a reward🎁 - Decorate or trade; - A Christmas tree glows in the dark, gifts fill a backpack🎄

Christmas is coming 🎅🎄🎁❄

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"We deliberately froze all the characters in this video so that you could hear the steps of the upcoming Christmas event. Stay tuned, survivors!" (from,

"Winter season of track racing in LDoE is coming soon. You can't be too fast." (from,

"Who was a good boi this year?" (from,

Devblog 11/23: Update 1.10.3

No time to explain, get on the Chopper and set off! The map has been added with a new site of pilgrimage for fans of fast driving and tremendous road of engine noise – Gas Station. The Gas Station is run by mechanic Jane who loves nothing more than bikes, tools and spare parts. Bring Jane parts required for work and get something appealing in exchange. May it be a blueprint for your new motorcycle? Or a repair kit? Well, it comes down to luck.

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Update 1.10.2: Clan Base

In our previous life, we used to spend a lot of time in a fuss and pleasant coolness of the subway. It’s time to dust of the fluff of these memories and bring them out. A new location was spotted under Sector 7 where you can hang out with your clan and prepare to global domination. The name to it is “Bunker. Sector 7”. Every player can get there if they have opened the wall of Sector 7 and joined a clan. The whole world above is all that’s left for loners, while this place is for those who are ready to get together. For survival or something else? We’ll see.

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We're going deeper underground! Update 1.10.2 is out: - One more location was spotted under Sector 7; - There is no place for loners: only clan members can get to the party; - It's time to finally get your Chopper NOW; More info:

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With the game in such early development stages, this wiki will help you keep up with the changes and additions that come with each patch. You'll find tips and guides for pros and beginners alike, stats for all your weapons/armor/enemies, and anything else you might need to make it through this particular Apocalypse. Since the game is still in early BETA, you can use a number of resources to stay current on patches, updates, and news. Check out the official Facebook Last Day on Earth and Twitter LastDaySurvival pages, or head on over to the subreddits Reddit LDESurvival and/or Reddit LastDayonEarthGame for access to more LDE:S goodness. You'll also find links to other Discord, Facebook, and Forum communities.

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