Last Day on Earth:SURVIVAL is a really awesome video game, I will be talking about some of the items and places in the whole game, so let's get started:

You'll find lots of good items at the Bunkers but as usual, to get in You'll need some CAC Cards A-Z, to get these Special Cards you could go to the Forest Zone and kill a zombie, that's how I got my CAC Card:A, or you could try and find them in looting chests but it is a little harder if you do that and you just started playing Last Day on Earth:SURVIVAL.

Next, I have a little info on the information of defending your Base from Zombie Hoard Attacks, Which also acure when you first started playing this game, the info is to try and level up your walls and your self so that you will be able to craft the traps in your crafting space , also collect as many materials as possible to be able to craft these materials.

Now this is the last thing for my documentary but, I'm giving you readers on official documentary on all of the best items in the game on this whole entire game with tips and ways to be one of the best survivors in the game! But it is up to you if you want this information because your the one who can like this, my goal is to have 50👍 so in till then see ya later!!!!!