The in-game shop sells packs of everything at different times, shop usually changes weekly when update hits,so new items often available. The Developers Kefir have stated Beta purchases will be re-credited too your inbox an coins replaced in coin total they keep records very detailed so spend as freely as your personal situation allows and you wish. If game resets your items even those used completely will return. I personally have spent a couple hundred USD but had previously asked Kefir directly even though Dev blog on Facebook hinted at it.

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Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-49-52
Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-50-00
Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-51-37
Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-52-19
Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-52-39
Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-52-54
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Items purchased from the shop will appear in your "Inbox " located in the shop menu.

Types of packages in shop

[[File:Screenshot 20170529-14080065636297680 84136.png|thumb|220x220px]]

Capture+ 2017-09-16-14-53-24


  • Four packages that changes by time. Mostly Limited or popular offers.


  • Mechanic's Pack boxes - Engineer
  • Specialist's Pack boxes - Engineer
  • Fuel - Gasoline


  • Suppression Pack - Weapon Ranged
  • Special Forces Pack - Armor
  • Assault Pack - Weapon Melee
  • Silenced Pack - Weapon Melee and Tactical Armor


  • 1 / 3 / 7 / 14 Days XP Boosters


  • Coins that are used for buying packages mentioned above.
  • 50 / 250+75F / 375+150F / 750+400F Coins F=free

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