Energy Symbol

Energy is a value depleted depending on the distance you want to traverse at a run. It starts at a maximum of 100 and recharges at rate of one point every five minutes (8 hours and 20 minutes for full recovery from zero).

Version Beta v.1.4.6 added the ability to watch advertisements to gain 15 energy each, with up to five ads per day, depending on the player's location and internet connection.

When energy is at zero and no ads are available, running is disabled. Walk to travel to any other area, taking time instead of using energy. Energy can also be instantly refilled by spending in-game coins, and mid-walk travel can be accelerated if sufficient energy is bought or recharged in the interim.


  • Some events are time limited, so the option of walking instead of using energy is unavailable, such as the Rest Stop event or the Airdrop event.
  • One common event trigger is consuming energy down to certain thresholds.
  • Energy can be bought from the store with the in-game currency of coins, but it is highly recommended to use any remaining energy first if possible, to avoid waste.
  • The completed Chopper also allows travel at the cost of gasoline consumption. If gas runs out mid-ride, travel defaults to walking and can be accelerated to running if energy is available. Additional gasoline cannot be poured on mid-ride.
  • The player cannot walk or run directly to Rest Stop events but can walk or run to a nearby area and drive from there to optimize energy and gasoline consumption.
  • I am in +05:00 time zone. When ever i play game between 20:30 to 23:59 i am able to watch ad and increase energy by 15. You can to it 5-6 times.