The Deer is a wild Animal that does not attack and runs when startled

It shows up as yellow indicator on the minimap.

A player can sneak up on the Deer from any direction, but if he/she has a red Cleanliness (from attacks from Toxic Spitters), the Deer will run away even if a player is sneaking.

When killed it can be looted for 1 x Raw Meat and usually 1 x Animal Rawhide, but it occasionally does not drop the Animal Rawhide.

Currently the only two ways to kill deer are with an undetected sneak attack or a ranged weapon.

2-3 deer spawn in the home area when a player starts the game. For these deer, even if they are chased out of the map, they will still be in the area when a player exits/reenters the area.

As of Beta v.1.6, deer have been given a more "natural" AI. They will occasionally move around the map while grazing the grass. The deer will run away if it sees the player, sneaking or not.