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The Dealer is a random event that appears on the map after a player has built a CB Radio. He has one item to trade at a time and a player can only trade to get that item. Usually the Dealer sells a Weapon Crate of some kind.
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The Dealer can be attacked but can't take damage, unless you use a Shotgun that will deal 1 damage, When you hurt him three times, he will attack with an M16 WARNING: Once the Dealer becomes hostile he remains that way for the rest of his random event (so you cannot use him to 'death warp' home with intent to return).

If a player activates auto mode near the Dealer, the player will start attacking the Dealer.

Recorded Trades

Below is a simple list of what the Dealer has been seen trading for. Please add entries as you make trips to the Dealer.

Since the new update 1.5.2 trading has changed. From now on you're always trading for a weapon crate, not knowing what is inside. It is possible only to trade for one crate at a time.


- There is a bug where event timer would only tick down when in the app ( This has only been tested with the Dealer so far). To clarify: if you walk towards timed location, close the app, then only log back AFTER your avatar reaches it, when your avatar leaves, location timer will be what was when you closed the app. This can result in significant energy savings on the Dealer double visits. Ie. the Dealer with 25 min timer that is 20 min walking distance away, can be visited twice without any energy spent.


Prior to version 1.5.2, the name of the Dealer was the Trader. As of 1.5.3 the screen that appears when you chat with this NPC still displays "Trader."

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