Can be smelted into an Ore Bar
—In-game description


"Can be smelted into an Ore Bar"

*Note: the correct description is Copper Bar, description error of this item.

Copper Ore can be smelted to make Copper Bars.

To mine Copper Ore, you'll need to use an Iron Pickaxe. Each resource node will provide 1 ore after 10 hits.


Copper Ore can be found as a natural resource only in Wooded Foothills and Frosty Backwoods in the North, after activating the first Watchtower.

Copper nodes can usually be found near the edges of the map.

Copper Ore can also be found in red and blue crates at the Smugglers' Camp, red crates at the Wrecked Ship, loot containers at many holiday-event locations, and in Bunker Alfa 4th floor.

*Note: Smugglers' Camp and Wrecked Ship events are no longer in the game.


5 Copper Ore will produce 1 Copper Bar in 1 hour.


  • Tip: Use the nearby Al player base in the North as storage for your copper and other supplies, so you can save a lot of fuel.

*Note: Anything left at this AI base long-term runs the risk of deletion, as the game developers may reset or remove these at any time.