Chopper just missing Gas Tank

"Allows you to build a Chopper to move faster on the map."

The Chopper is the first vehicle that can be unlocked.

The Chopper is a motorcycle that can be used to accelerate travel time to other Locations, using Gasoline. It enables transportation to the Rest Stop event.

As a multi-phase Item, completing the Chopper consists of two phases. The first is crafting the "structure" in your base. The second is assembling the Chopper itself which requires additional components.

Crafting Requirements


Chopper crafting recipe (Phase 1)


  • Level: 6
  • Craft Points: 2 Craft Point Icon



  • Placement: Plank Floor (lvl.2)
  • Max: 1
  • Grid Size: 2x2



Chopper Finalisation (Phase 2)

Note: Engine parts can be found inside the Bunker Alfa Coupons Boxes and Humanitarian Aid (Airdrop Event).


NPC Finalized Chopper

Finalized chopper

Upon finalization of the Chopper, the options to paint, fuel, and store items become available in the Chopper menu. These sections are called "Recoloring," "Pour On/Off," and "Baggage" respectively.

To use the Chopper for travel, a new "Drive" option becomes available on the map screen in addition to the previous "Walk" and "Run" options. Travel time is identical to the "Run" option. The Chopper can carry a maximum of 200 Fuel in it's tank. Upon arrival to a location, the Chopper is parked where the player enters on screen.

Recoloring the color requires a Pattern and corresponding Paints.

Pour On/Off (Fueling)
It is possible to both add and remove Gasoline from the Chopper. To add Fuel, place either Gasoline or Bottle of Gasoline in the slot and select the "Pour On" option. To remove Fuel, place Empty Bottle(s) in the slot and select the "Pour Off" option (an empty "Baggage" slot must be available).

  • 1 Gasoline adds 25 Fuel to the Chopper. The "Gasoline Can" is consumed in the process.
  • 1 Bottle of Gasoline adds 10 Fuel to the Chopper. An Empty Bottle will be produced in a "Baggage" slot if one is available.

The Chopper fuel level can be viewed from either the Chopper menu or the map screen. On the map screen, it appears as an additional bar beside the Energy bar at the top of the screen. The Chopper can hold up to 200 Fuel.

The Chopper contains 4 slots of storage. These slots can be accessed whenever the Chopper menu is opened at any location that the Chopper is used to travel to. When you die the contents of these slots isn't lost. So its handy to carry around a gun in the Chopper, just in case you need some heavy support!

The Chopper also has a space for 'Heavy Baggage' (at the moment this is known to include the Electric Generator and the Infected Box) on the back of it.


  • All components required to complete the Chopper were released in version 1.5.4.
  • Prior to release, the Assembly requirements included a Chopper Exhaust. This was subsequently replaced by 4 Basic Backpacks
  • In one of the NPC base locations near your base, you will find a red, finalized chopper near the Southeast side of the map. This can't be taken but you can siphon off its fuel into an Empty Bottle.

Old Chopper design