"Can prepare meat and warm your heart."

The Campfire is the first cooking station you'll unlock. You can use it to turn food into better food, or fuel into better fuel.

Crafting Requirements


  • Level: 2
  • Craft Points: 1 Craft Point Icon



  • Placement: Ground (May be placed on any surface.)
  • Max: 2
  • Grid Size: 1x1


Campfire Recipes

In order to work campfire needs to be powered with fuel.

Material Result Time needed
3 Berries 1 Berry Tea 2 minutes
1 Raw Meat 1 Juicy Steak 2 minutes
1 Carrot 1 Carrot Stew 2 minutes
1 Pine Log 1 Charcoal 4 minutes
1 Pine Plank 2 Charcoals 4 minutes


You can overload the Campfire and Melting Furnace by putting in 20 fuel, and once one burns, put another stack in.

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