Alfa card
Beta card
Charlie card
Card delta
Foxtrot card
Romeo card
Z cac card (1)
The key cards needed to gain access to the Army Bunkers.

In-game description of A-C cards:

Common access card to top secret bunker [ Alfa ] located nearby.

In-game description of D-Z cards:

Common access card to top secret military bunker [ Delta ].

List of Cards in Game

  • CAC A = Alfa
  • CAC B = Bravo
  • CAC C = Charlie
  • CAC D = Delta
  • CAC F = Foxtrot
  • CAC R = Romeo
  • CAC Z = Zulu

As of version 1.5.9, only Bunker Alfa and Bravo can be accessed. The dead soldier at the forefront of Alfa does not have a CAC card, only a Glock 17. Cards for Alfa and Bravo are fairly commonly dropped by zombies in forest and quarry zones, at airdrops, and in Alfa.

A Toxic Abomination may drop a CAC F or D card when it dies. An AI Survivor may also drop cards D or F.

CAC Z is obtainable by defeating The Big One, a feat only possible at a great cost of firearms. There is no use for Bunker Card Z at the moment.


  • CAC stands for Controlled Access Card, so saying CAC card is equivalent to saying "Controlled Access Card Card" which is redundant. Still, it's a common practice to say "CAC card" even in the Army as it flows better in speech (ATM machine sound familiar?).
  • If players look closely, all of the CACs seem to belong to a guy named John Doe, which is a name given to an unidentified corpse.

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