A full bottle of water is the best at dealing with thirst.
—In-game description

Once drank, a Full Bottle turns into an Empty Bottle.

Placing the Empty Bottle in a Rain Catcher will replenish it. You can reuse Empty Bottles indefinitely.

Drinking 13 Bottles of Water will require your character to pee. You can not move while your character does this, so be wary.



Workbench: Rain Catcher

Time: 10 minutes


  • Empty Bottle × 1


Every 24 hours 3 Full Bottles appear in the inbox.


Can be obtained from loot chests and bags found in the wilderness.

Can be obtained from AI's bases in their water catchers and chests.

Can be bought in the store for 30 coins or in the Survivor's Pack.



Using a Full Bottle restores 50 thirst and produces an Empty Bottle.

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