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can you get raided when you have level 3 walls,

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I've finalized my chopper, but for some reason I can't drive it... I put fuel in it too and it still won't let drive it. It keeps saying I need to build it, but I already did and it's in my base, but it doesn't work

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Durability mods

What ones are the best

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Bunker Alpha Turrets

It's been quite a long time since i visited bunker alpha.

Most noticeable thing I've found was that i need to use more firearms to destroy the turrets. Plus, what's with all these misses? It looks like the misses are cutting in to the firearm durability. Anyone noticed this?

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Refined Melting Furnace

Does anybody know how to get the other materials to make a tungsten bar and titanium bar?
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Why is it that WHEN you actually to the dead soldier in 'CONVOY', I can never get the cut off finger???
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What would be the best and fastest way of leveling up im currently just stuck on level 31 and im trying to level up but its taking so long
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bunker alfa card

I got to level 43 after restarting the game since i recently started playing again but can't seem to find bunker alfa card anywhere in the game

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Problem Building Chemistry Station

I got to level 64, but I still can't build chemistry station.

Who can tell me why.

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Buying the survival guide

What happens if you buy the guide after completing the basic version?

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Server problems, Please Help

I keep being told I have server problems, and the game shuts down. I know there is no problem with my internet connection. I seem to remember choosing a server when I began playing the game, and I am wondering if that is the problem. If so, can I choose a different server, or do I need to restart the game?

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Wall lvl 3

Hey guys!! It's that true wall level 3 could destroy by horde?
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What’s better??

  • M16
  • AK47
  • VSS
  • Glock 17
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You only get 3 a day and you are guaranteed to get a weapon! Worth it
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So when I actually meet up with the raiders to do a raid, and when I get back to base am I guaranteed to get raided back?
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Is true friend actually in the game ? Or the only people that have it are hackers?
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Survival Guide

So I paid the 4.99 to get the extra rewards with the survival guide. I find myself restarting the game every once in a while (I.E. delete and the re install). What I would like to know is, do I lose the extra rewards that I paid for if I do that?

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The farm

Just like the convoy. Im stuck with the gun raiders. Im tired of these assholes. I want modded machetes.

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Destroyed convoy

Why am i stuck getting the raiders every time? They never have the finger.

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